Our Mission




Dear Friends,

Flourish Sunshade association was founded on 22nd of September 2016 Ms Alfia Javed(Founder and Director) which is a national based association that works for the betterment of  slum dwellers,communities, abandoned children, destitute women and mentally challenged individuals. It also conducts  youth focused social awareness  programs across the nation                                                  .

At the pragmatic core, FSA continues to focus on developing economical, environmental,social advocacy and human rights work. We work to promote social and political change    on a broad scale and vary locally we starting the issue a series of commentaries by the FSA a role in education  , digital literary, women empowerment, skill development and remedial classes etc.

FSA is the association that steers unprivileged children toward the better life with better awareness, better lifeskills,better life opportunities in the journey from childhood to livelihood. FSA allows enthusiastic volunteers with various backgrounds and skill level  to help complete   various projects.

FSA  is becoming  obvious in country where the delivery of    education is weakening with the financial crisis of the state.

Our Programmes

Our Aims

→Education For The Early Years



→Digital Literacy

→Women Empowerment

→Skill Development

→Rural Development