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Flourish Sunshade Association (CIN NO : U74999DL2016NPL306250) was founded on 22 September 2016 by miss Alfia Javed (founder & director) and Mahtab Alam Khan (founder and additional director) which is a national based Association that work for betterment of slum-dwelling Communities, Abandoned, Children, destitute women and mentally challenge individual. It also conducts youth-focused social awareness programs across the Nation.

At the programmatic core, Flourish Sunshade Association, continuous to focus on developing environmental, social, advocacy and human rights works. We work to promote social and political change on a broad scale and very locally. We start in the issue a series of commentaries by the Flourish Sunshade Association on a role in education, digital literacy, women empowerment, skill development, remedial education etc.

Our core values

educacion-musical-ordenador_318-59164 Education & Skills
We are focussed on education of slum dwellers & Poor.
0HBAktKJ_400x400 Women Empowerment
Women of deprived society are often mistreated.
6BWdzR7b_400x400 Child Rights
To uplift the children working a child labourers.
ComputerIcon Digital Literacy
Digital literacy is one of our key areas to work on.
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Meet our Staff

All staff have access to professional opportunities that include international placement, training and professional development programmes.



Pan No : AACCF9201F Banker : Jamia Cooprative Bank, Jamia Nagar, okhla
Account No : 000211001014411