Our Team Members

IMG_0950 Alfia Javed
Administrative Officer, Flourish Sunshade Association.
IMG_0957 Mahtab Alam Khan
Executive Director, Flourish Sunshade Association.
huhedrt Syed Aslam Javed
Advisor, Flourish Sunshade Association.
Untitled-1 Khursheed Alam Khan
Director, Flourish Sunshade Association.

Our Work Areas

Coaching To Weaker Students Of Government Schools.
Free Preparation Classes For Compititive Exams.
We Help Students Choose The Right Career.
To Enable Student Be Self Sufficient, We Train Them With Skill Based Courses.
We Organize Workshops, Training & Classes For Women Empowerment.
We Promote Sports & Physical Well Being Among Students With Competitions.

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The Blog

Remedial Education Program

Remedial Education Program is the way where we are providing the education to students of class 1st to 8th in government schools.We have started the way of teaching when we were observed that many students were weak at writing or reading even they couldn’t read their school books,The remedial classes held at the center of […]

Why do aerobically fit children have better Math Skills?

We provided 4 classes with 9 to 12 children earch aged 12 months to 5 years of age.

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Our Mission
Providing the best possible education to those in need.
Our Vision
We see ourselves as the champion of women empowerment, education, and nutrition.
Our Gallery
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